When life was a bowl of cherries

Mohammad Iqbal Bin Roslan | 11S06M 2010 | Oil on canvas

As we age, life’s complexities start to reveal themselves. We start to realize that as we transition into young adults, our individual self is very much intertwined in a greater social system. We are not only responsible to ourselves but to the people directly around us and the greater community as well. So many a time that involves conforming to society’s expectations; to strive towards academic success, towards a stable job in a conventional field to uphold an image of excellence. Stray away from this prescribed path and we are immediately torn down and cast inside. Living life whilst staying true to one’s own beliefs and principles have become something of a paradox. Do we all not wish to reverse time to a point when we could live in obliviousness; when we had no concerns when we did not have to conform when we did not have to satisfy anybody? Sadly though, even this point does not seem to exist now as the age at which parents start setting their children on the ‘correct’ path in hope of giving them a leg up in a highly competitive environment gets younger and younger. At a young age, children are already expected to achieve greatness. Is there salvation for a society that believes in individualism?