Tree of Life and Forbidden Fruit

Alluding to the Garden of Eden, atop the “tree” of life sits the “forbidden fruit”, an apple-shaped teapot with a flower delicately placed as the handle. In the creation process,
the wafer-thin petals chipped off bit by bit, leaving behind a flower withered and broken.

Decay, it was. I invite you to pour a cup and take a sip from the “forbidden fruit”, for that is its function, after all, but I hope that the action of pouring a cup, as well as the resting state of the collection, with the teapot gingerly sitting atop the tree, sweet “flesh” waiting to be plucked and savoured might leave you with a few afterthoughts. After all, teatime is slow and tranquil, so take a sip, and have a deep think about it.