The Habitat We Use

My main take on the theme of sustainability was showcasing the impacts of our (unsustainable) actions. I chose to focus on the effect that these actions have on animals, namely how their habitat is being destroyed by humans, and partially also because I wanted to try my hand at creating more organic forms with ceramics.

The final design I decided on was a toothpick/chopstick/any sort of stick-holder to mirror the short of vertical tree-like habitats that some animals rely on. I chose the monkey and panda as I thought that were relatively beginner-friendly for me and their forms were quite distinct. By storing and more importantly taking out the sticks from the container, it reflects the removal of trees and hence these animals’ habitats too (since typically these toothpicks/chopsticks are made out of wood), so hopefully the user can also reflect on their use of these products and reduce it, so as to reduce their environmental impact on these animals and increase sustainability.