Sprite and Stripes

Brandon Shan Guanyu | 2L 2018 | Oil on canvas

In this still life, three objects sit stoutly on a vertically striped blanket. The Sprite bottle stands tall in the back of the setup, alluding to the unhealthy lifestyles of an increasingly large number of people, such that they appear to worship the noisome diet. A Nescafe mug stands off to the front of the bottle, referencing the institutionalized nature of coffee and its drug component caffeine, and its exceedingly common use to compensate for mundane and long working hours. The digital mouse is positioned in the foreground and acts as a symbol for all forms of digital and technological consumption.  These objects in focus all have their brands on open display to the viewer, showing how they have gained immense commercial success at the expense of their consumers’ well-being.