Holiday Memories

Edmund Tan | 4J 2021 | Diorama- Wood, Natural materials

When the idea of urbanisation is brought up, what comes to mind often is the countless glass skyscrapers lining the skyline, the proliferation of technology, the shift from rural to urban. Yet we often forget about the old. People are ever so obsessed with embracing the new constructions and developments that spring up from time to time.

But what about the demolition of old buildings? What about the communities that used to inhibit these lively scenes? What about the multitudinous memories that we used to have there?

Woodlands Town Centre is no exception — a rather apt example to illustrate the notion of heritage loss. As a gateway for many Malaysians working across the border, Woodlands can really be considered a “holiday” destination. The diorama seeks to allow us to relive in the memories of the place, even after its demolition in 2017.