Two sections of the renewed ARTrail were launched in October 2021 at Level 2 of the Yusof Ishak Block. Do drop by if you’re in the area and scan the QR codes to find out more about the individual art pieces.

Section 1 – The Rafflesian Aspiration

Level 2, Clock Tower and Outside Staff Rooms

Aspiration nourishes inspiration in life. This segment showcases images of Rafflesians’ personal journeys in discovering themselves and their relationships with others. We also discover their aspirations for the future through their perspectives.

Artworks in this segment include Rafflesians’ self-portraits, and works that explore the students’ relationships between self, their peers and their families.

What is your aspiration for the future?

Section 2 – Life and Nature

Circular Area outside Staff Rooms

Life itself is the main inspiration of my work. The experience of humanity: love, hope and the joy of living as well as dejection, alienation, despair are sources of my artistic creation.”
– Ng Eng Teng, local pioneer sculptor

The student artists are inspired by their personal experiences, observations of nature, and of people around them. Through the ceramic works, they apply the elements of art and principles of design to create a range of realistic and abstract forms. These explorations are done in tandem with research on the work of the late Mr Ng Eng Teng, who is known for his geometric and abstract explorations of the human body, reflecting humanity in its multitude of conditions.

Works On Display