ARTStage is an annual exhibition organised by the Raffles Institution Aesthetics (Y1-4) Department, showcasing student work from across the Y1-4 Art and Music programmes. Traditionally held in a physical exhibition space, we have moved the showcase online following the COVID-19 pandemic. This allows more multimedia work to be shared in a portable format, without the constraints of space.


Introducing the wonderful people behind the amazing work we produce each year.

Chiew Sern | Boss-Man

As Assistant Department Head, he is responsible for the bulk of the department’s operational direction. Can be seen supervising the Floorball students while not making Art.

Chui Min | Supercharger

Our resident spark of boundless energy, she can be found helming a multitude of projects all over the school. Resident ceramicist and painting expert.

Xueying | Sun-Kissed

When she is not creating prints, teaching drawing or supervising projects, Xueying is an outdoor sports enthusiast who enjoys biking, running and swimming.

Licheng | Techno-Tinker

He can’t stop dabbling in any new medium he sees – Licheng is the resident digital go-to-guy. Also can be found working on his Lego builds while away from work.

Joon Hwang | Voice of the Dept

A vocalist by training, Joon believes strongly in learning music through experience, where students collaborate to teach one another what they know. Can be found traversing the globe to take part in choral competitions.

Charmaine | Mother Goose

She allows students to explore composing their own music using Digital Audio Workstations in our custom-built Keyboard Lab. Also loves travelling the world in search of new experiences.

Shawn | Iron-Man

Our latest addition to the team, Shawn brings with him an experience of the music programme in mainstream schools. He has also brought his gym shoes with him – nothing like a quick workout to get into the groove…

Chloe | Wonder Woman

Oh what would we do without her? Chloe is our logistics-extraordinaire art assistant, being a print-maker and practising artist herself. Can be found hunting down the best deals outside of school.

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